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Sankranthi Holidays 12-1-2019 to 20-1-2019

The Oldest Association of the College comprising the Botany, Zoology, Biotechnology and Biochemistry Departments gives an opportunity to students to develop their leadership and organizing skills.The Biology association of St. Joseph’s College for Women commenced its activities with the election of its Office Bearers for the Academic year 2014-2015.The Office bearers are elected for the year are as follows:

President:Varsha,   III BBC,
Vice President:Ramya,  IIICBZ,
Treasurer:Swathi, IIICBZ,
Secretaries:Ankitha,   IICBZ,  Goushiya  IIBBC,
Bio-Flash Editors:Annyesha Chowdhury,  III BBC,  Miss Priyanka Bijlwan   IIICBZ.
  • Mrs. A.S .Priyadarshini from the Department of The Zoology, Mrs.Bharathi from Department of Bio-Chemistry, and Sr. Hema from Department of Botany were selected as student advisers for the academic year 2014-2015.
  • The year stated with a meeting on election of office bearers for the Association.
  • On 27th June 2014, a “Dance competition” was conducted. The winners are Pallavi from 2nd CBZ, Asha from 1st BBC, Haripriya 2nd BBC, and Rashmi from 3rd BBC.
  • On 4th July 2014, a Creative “Nail art” competition related to Science was conducted. The winners are Priyamvada from 2nd CBZ, Varsha from 3rd BBC, Rashmi 3rd BBC, and Ankitha from 2nd CBZ.
  • On 10 July 2014, competition on “Vegetable carving” was conducted and the winners are Pallavi from 2nd CBZ, Varsha from 3rd BBC, Sweet Roseline from 3rd CBZ, and Rashmi from 3rd BBC.
  • On 17th July 2014, “Mehandi Competition” was conducted and the winners are Sonali from1st BBC, Hemalatha from 1st BBC, Manasa Jyothi 3rd CBZ and Dhanusha from 1st BBC.
  • A “One Minute” game was conducted that was on 5th Aug 2014 and the winners are Rashmi from 3rd BBC, Mounika 2nd CBZ, and Shirisha Sweety from 1st BBC.
  • October 12th 2014, was a day of remembrance for all the vizagites because of cyclone Hud-Hud due to which all suffered a lot and lost a lot. On November 26th 2014, in solidarity with other members we had shared our “Helping Hands” through a fund raising programme. It was a 2-day programme during which, crafts exhibition and sale, one minute games and horror room were put up.
  • The second day, food fest, mehandi and nail art was conducted and we had received a very good response from the college authorities including students and staff members and we could collect a sum of Rs. 14770/- from this event.
  • A “Rangoli” competition was held on 9th January 2015 which was reciprocated by huge response from students. The Rangolis were awesome and had displayed the beauty and biodiversity of nature. The winners are Nandini, Keerthi, and Pavani from 2nd BBC; Jhansi, Rekha, and Bhargavi from 1st CBZ; Kanku, Shivali, and Sonali from 1st BBC.
  • “Dissection Competition“was conducted in the Department of Zoology on 13th Feb 2015 which revealed the skills and patience of the students and the winners are P.Bharathi from 1st CBZ, Rosanne Anthony from 2nd CBZ, and Sweet Roselin from 3rd CBZ.
  • The Biotechnology & Biochemistry department had conducted a competition on 20th Feb 2015 and had increased the interest on microorganisms through “Staining Technique”. The winners are S.Pavani from 2nd BBC, G.Amrutha from 3rd BBC and B.Dhanaraj from 2nd BBC.
  • On 20th Feb 2015, “Section cutting” competition was held in the Department of Botany and the winners are T.Arunima, Sr.Julie Nisha, Ruchika Sharma, and P.Bharathi from 1st CBZ.
  • This year we had the privilege of having 3 Guest Lectures by the most eminent personnel from different fields.
  • First Lecture was on18th Nov 2014 and it had been given by Dr.V.Lakshmi Priya, Sr. Assistant Professor at Damodar Sanjeeviah National Law College; the topic was “EMERGING TRENDS &CHALLENGES OF BIO-TECH PATENTS IN INDIA”. The lecture was very useful & informative.
  • Second Lecture was on 22nd Jan 2015 and had been given by Mr. Ravi Yelloyi, and the topic was “KNOWLEDGE TRANSFER & ENVIRONMENTAL CONTENTS”.
  • On 19th Feb 2015, a Lecture was given by Dr. Mangaveni and Madam Harini on the topic “AWRENESS ON SWINE FLU”.
  • During this academic year, two field trips were also organized- a visit to the Botanical gardens in Araku for 2nd and 3rd CBZ and BBC Students.
  • Secondly, a visit to “Andhra University Zoology Museum” for the 2nd Inter students was also organized.
  • Details of Association Meetings Conducted for the Academic Year 2014-2015:
  • June 6th 2014: Election of Office Bearers
  • June 7th 2014: Planning of Activities for the year.
  • June 10th 2014: Allotment of work to the students.
  • July 5th 2014: Planning for conducting games and activities.
  • Nov 1st 2014: Meeting held for the planning & preparation for the HELPING HANDS, a fund raising programme.
  • Nov 28th 2014: Meeting held for the money counting and handing over to the management which was collected from HELPING HANDS programme.
  • Feb18th 2015: Meeting held for the planning of Valedictory function of association.
  • Feb 22nd 2015: The works for the Valedictory function were decided and given to the members.
  • The Biology Association Valedictory function was held on 28th Feb2015.