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Examination rules and regulations

  1. Students are required to appear for all the Accessory assessment, Mid and End Semester Examinations conducted by the college examination cell/ department.
  2. Students must present themselves in the college Uniform along with the Photo identity cards issued by the college and duly attested by the Principal, this is compulsory during all Examination days, including Saturdays.
  3. In case a student is unable to attend the examination for a valid reason as ascertained by the Examination cell/ department, then an application of leave (accompanied by medical certificate where necessary) should be submitted to the Principal of the college immediately.
  4. Mid semester exams are conducted twice a semester in July, August and December, January every year. These provide the students with an opportunity to review their academic performance and so are referred to as Formative Assessment. Paper setting and evaluation is done internally.
  5. Complete transparency regarding the answer scripts is available for Mid Semester Examination or Internal Assessment test, where every student verifies her answer scripts and clarifies doubts if any regarding the evaluation.
  6. There is no fee for Mid Semester Examinations.
  7. Mid Semester Exams and Accessory assessment will not be repeated in case a student is absent.
  8. End semester examinations or Summative Assessment is for the purpose of evaluating the overall academic performance of the students during the semester. Paper setting and evaluation done externally.
  9. Eligible Students should pay the prescribed examination fees, and obtain the hall ticket for the End Semester and Supplementary Examinations of the college. No student will be admitted into the examination hall without a hall ticket.
  10. The End Semester Examination has a minimum pass mark of 35%. A student should, however secure 35% overall in Mid Semester and End Semester examinations combined, to pass in both theory and practical.
  11. Candidates writing the Supplementary Exam will have to do so, on the entire syllabus, in the E.S.E. Under the following circumstances if a student.
    • is absent for Mid Semester Exam.
    • is absent for End Semester Exam.
    • fails to secure the pass minimum of 35% in End Semester Exam.
    • fails to secure the pass minimum of 35% overall even though she has secured pass minimum in End Semester Examination.
  12. Subject wise Marks List will be issued to the students within a month, after every Semester End examination. At the end of the sixth semester a Cumulative Marks List duly endorsed by Andhra University, will be issued along with Provisional Degree Certificate.
  13. The Final degree certificate is awarded by the Andhra University, however will be issued by the college after receiving the same from the Andhra University.
  14. Students will be awarded class for Part I (Foundation and General education courses) and Part II (Core courses) separately as per the following criteria :
    • 85% and above   –       First Class with Distinction
    • 60% – <85%        –       First Class
    • 50% – <60%        –       Second Class
    • 35% – <50%        –       Pass class
  15. If a student reappears for any exam an asterisk (*) will be placed in the mark sheet to denote that she has appeared as a supplementary student. The student will however be assigned a class even though she may be a supplementary candidate.
  16. Malpractice cases: The College invariably takes serious view on unfair methods in all theory and practical examinations. Expulsion from the examination hall and cancellation of the performance in that paper is the immediate minimum punishment when found indulging in unfair practices in the examination hall by a student. If any student is found guilty of malpractice on more than one occasion during her tenure in the college, the student will be debarred and forfeits the seat. In all cases of examination malpractices, the decision of the Malpractice enquiry committee shall be final and binding.
  17. Revaluation: There is provision for revaluation of E.S.E. papers. Students can apply for revaluation as per the dates specified at the time of publication of results. If the marks secured in the revaluation are higher than the original marks, the candidate will be given the benefit and if the revaluation marks are lower than the original marks, the revaluation marks will be ignored. If the difference between the original marks and marks secured in the revaluation exceeds 15% there shall be a second revaluation and in such case the highest marks secured in any two valuations shall be averaged.