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Sankranthi Holidays 12-1-2019 to 20-1-2019

SJC Emblem

The College emblem is the insignia SJC inscribed in a hexagon as St. Joseph’s College for Women endeavors to enhance the holistic personality of young women by contributing to the physical, intellectual, emotional, social, professional and spiritual development – represented by the six facets of the hexagon.

The lamp signifies the College disseminating the light of knowledge which the students are exhorted to seek and spread out in every part of the globe! The Apex of the flame denotes the light of hope promised by Jesus Christ through the cross. The maxim 'Kindle the light within' exhorts every Josephine to look within herself and optimize her potential for thinking, performing and evolving. It also symbolism a beacon of intelligence, radiating love and knowledge to the society around, and beckons first generation learners from lower socio-economic backgrounds, empowering them to stand tall in a globalized world.