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Vision of the Department

To start a CSD (Communication Skills Development) Centre in the near future.

History of the Department

The Department was one of the oldest departments started with the establishment of the College in 1958. The Department prides itself in having the distinction of being a forerunner in offering quality college education in English. In times where there was no media explosion, the teaching methods used by the department were simple and didactic, yet intellectually stimulating for the learners to develop an integral interest in English Literature and Language.

The Department offers courses for the following levels-

  • Intermediate - General English
  • Degree - General English for all
  • English Language & Literature for B.A course (EPO, EPJ,EEP)
  • MA in English

With the passage of time and increasing demand for enhanced communication skills in English, there was a paradigm shift towards English Language, rather than Literature for General English for all course learners. Under Autonomy, the English Department streamlined the various Core Majors and the Allied or General Papers to be offered in the College for the Degree students. In the area of Literature core, there is a conscious effort to include Indian Writing and others to instill love for Indian writers among the students. 

The teaching components of the English Department are -

General English

Intensive Reading Extensive Reading

Text Written (Selections-Prose Communication & Poetry)

Based on the performance of the students in the Placement Test (administered within a week of admission into college) the I Year B.A/B.Com/B.Sc. students are placed in three streams of General English identified as S1 (Advanced level), S2 (Higher) and S3 (Basic level). For further aid to the low achievers, S3 is divided into two - S3 and S4. The text for all the streams is the same but the teaching - learning strategy followed is different and planned according to the level.

Study material : The text is prepared by the Faculty in the department and is common to all the streams. The selections are taken from a variety of topics like Science, Biographies, Philosophy, one-act plays, some poems dealing with different themes like love, war and others. It is changed once in five years.

Handouts : Prepared by the Faculty of the department provide guidelines and include leading / topical questions to understand the lessons. For each lesson the handout is given while teaching the lesson. Handouts include global, local, summarizing and extension questions.

Extensive Reading : Two novels, to be studied by the students in each semester, are selected and prescribed according to the ability of the students in the three streams. The students are required to read these books on their own within a period of a week / ten days. At the end of that period, a snap test is conducted for 5 marks for each of the novels. Its main purpose is to inculcate and encourage the reading habit. By the end of the IV Semester each student would have read eight novels.

Teaching Learning Process : Written communication includes a number of writing skills to suit the different streams. These exercises train the students to express themselves concisely and correctly in different types of writing such as dictionary work, jumbled stories, pictocomp, carrying out instructions, problem solving, letters, schedules, telegrams, notices, essays, reports, reviews, note making, story writing, advertisements and brochures. All these exercises are found to be very useful and relevant.

Verbal Skills : A fully equipped language laboratory to teach communication skills to suit different situations.

This program of General English enables even Science graduates to perform well in PG Entrance examinations and secure admission into PG courses in English.


The unique features of the syllabus, not offered by any other college of Andhra University, includes:

  • Linguistics - to teach the students the phonetic symbols of the language, its mechanism and correct pronunciation.
  • Literary Appreciation and Practical Criticism teaches the concepts underlying literary enjoyment and helps the students to make a proper analysis of a given literary piece.
  • Contemporary British Literature.
  • Indian Writing in English.
  • American Writing in English.
  • The course content in the first three semesters is based on the literary periods of British History.

Literary Activities by the Department

June 23rd 2015 seminar was conducted for the final year English Language and Literature students by Dr. Nallini Dutta HOD of English Department(P.G) on "History Of American Literature".

June 24th 2015  seminar was conducted for the final year English Language and Literature students by Dr. V.B.T Sundari HOD of History Department on "History Of Indian Writing In English".

On July 3rd 2015 all the three years Language and Literature students together with the English faculty members has decided to inaugurate English Club under the name "LITSPELL".

On July 3rd 2015 the club was inaugurated by Dr. Sr. N.D. Veronica and the function was followed by an activity named Music Mantra based on English songs.

Participants were given prizes as first, second and third. The first prize was given to Shakinah, Itishree, Sravani G & Jessica Y from final year ELL. The second prize was given to Christy Babu from second ELL and the third prize was given to Srinija & Hannah from third ELL.

On 15-07-2015 P.G English Department conducted a workshop for Third year English Language and Literature students on ' Use and Misuse of the Apostrophe'.

On 30-07-2015 the LITSPELL club celebrated Emily Bronte's birth Anniversary. All the students of the First, Second and Third year ELL participated in the event. An activity was conducted by the office bearers of the club i.e quiz on Emily Bronte's life and works.

On 25-08-2015 English department conducted seminar on " The Imagist School : Amy Lowell (Poem Prescribed ) by Ms. Batool Idiris English ( P.G).

On 15-09-2015 English Department has conducted a seminar on ' Employment and Career Planning' for Second and Final ELL students at 10.00 AM in the department. The guest lecture was Surya Nemani Education Counsellor from Education Guru, Brisbone.

On 15-09-2015 and 16-09-2015 Nakra Memorial debate competition was conducted by the English Department on the topic 'Social Networking is it a Boon or Bane'. Nakra Shield was shared by two teams.

Team - I

  1. Renu Yadav - I EEP.
  2. Anjuman Tripati- I BBA

Team - II

  1. Anuradha- III Bcom
  2. Ruchika Sharma - II CBZ

On 4-11-2015 a guest lecture was organized by the department on "Contemporary Brithish Literature" the resource person was Dr. Nallini Dutta PG English HOD.

On 12-11-2015 a guest lecture was conducted for III BA ELL students on the topic "Subaltern and conflict Literature" the resource person was a research scholar V.R.L. Swetha from MCC.

On 13-11-2015 a guest lecture was arranged for II year General Elective ( Business English). The lecture was given by Mrs. Manju Pathania Biswas from Management Studies.

Guest Lecture by Prof Sharma of Dept of Linguists AU, 2015

Study Cum Field Trip to Hyderabad - Jan 2016

Dr.(Mrs.) T. Bhaskara Sudha

M.A., M.phil., Ph.D(English), M.A.(Psy.), B.Ed., PGDCS

Incharge of the Department