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Sankranthi Holidays 12-1-2019 to 20-1-2019

SJC Green Globe Nature Club

Initiatied by the Departments of Natural Sciences (Botany, Zoology, Biotechnology & Biochemistry) this Club explores various strategies and programes to bring about a heightened awareness among the young girls on eco consciousness and preserving Mother Earth for future generations.

The aims of the Club

  1. Increase the awareness of the stakeholders in eco consciousness
  2. Organise competitions and events to awaken the need for environment management.
  3. Make the Campus a 'no plastics zone' and begin with intensive advocacy programs
  4. Educate the campus stakeholders on the need to keep their environment clean, green and hygienic.
  5. In keeping with the UN mission of preventing wastage of food, the Club wants to sensitize young people and others on the need to avoid wasting food.

Members: Staff & Students of all Biology departments, i. e. Botany, Biotchnology, Biochemistry and Zoology. The club is open to all nature lovers among the staff and students of the college.

Organizing Members of the Club
Convener:Dr. K. Manikya Kumari, HOD- Dept. of Botany
Student Advisors:Mrs. K. Vishnu Priya- Lecturer in Botany
Mrs. Ch. Hari Lakshmi, Lecturer in Biotechnology
Student coordinators:Miss. S. Teekshana - III CBZ
Miss. Supriya Kumari - III CBZ
Miss. Rithu - III BBC
Miss. Pallavi - II CBZ
Miss. Hari priya - II BBC

The aim of the club is to create environmental awareness among the students and to encourage collective responsibility towards it. Following are the programmes organized during the academic year 2014-2015.

  1. “World Environment Day” observed marked by a massive “Green Rally”

    A massive Green Rally was taken by the students and the faculty of St. Joseph’s College for women to mark “World Environment Day” on 5-6-2014. The programme was organized by Green Globe Nature Club of Dept. of Botany in association with NSS Unit of the college and Manual Welfare Association of Gnanapuram. The Principal of the college Sr. Shyji P. D. flagged off the rally, which proceeded from the college main gate to the Dr. B. R. Ambedkar circle near Convent junction. The rally continued for an hour and half, with students giving slogans on various aspects related to the environmental issues, especially about the impact of pollution on the lives of people residing in this part of the city. Dr. K. Manikya Kumari, Convener of the Green Globe Nature Club speaking to the students explained the significance of the day and emphasized on this year’s theme ‘Small Islands and climate change’ and the official slogan of the year ‘Raise your voice, not the sea level’. The programme was organized with an objective to protect environment, planet earth and biodiversity. The students and the general public were also cautioned about the fate of existing climate if the rising global temperature is left uncontrolled which causes melting of glaciers and inundation of low lying areas of the world. This may result in a huge change in world geography and shrinking of habitable land for humans and other forms of life. Thus the Green volunteers were encouraged to create awareness among the public through educating them about their role in safe guarding the environment.

  2. Ozone Day Observed

    A participatory interactive session was held to discuss ways and means to protect Ozone layer to mark the ‘World Ozone Day’ on 16th September 2014 in the college premises. The student volunteers of the Green Globe Nature Club of the college took active participation and expressed their concern about a range of dangers of the Ozone depletion. Addressing the session the convener of the club Dr. K. Manikya Kumari, Head- Dept. of Botany told the students that use of life style gadgets, industries which release high amounts of CFC’s and indiscriminate felling of trees are the major threats to the ozone depletion and thereby climate change. This is affecting not only at the global level, but also impacting the local climate particularly in our own city. In a time span of two decades, the ‘city of destiny‘ which transformed from being a cool green habitat to a hot concrete jungle by losing a lot of its lush greenery specially age old trees, some of them identified by the locals as important land marks in the heart of the city. In spite of all this, good news is that the recent NASA report says that the Ozone layer is recovering. This may be attributed to the increased concern among the people and their changed attitude towards it, emerging eco friendly and green technologies. Faculty and students of the biology departments attended the programme.

  3. Post Hudhud Relief operation

    On 21st & 22nd October 2014 large number of green volunteers actively involved in the removal of debris and restoration of fallen trees in the college campus after the severe Hudhud cyclone which devastated the city of Visakhapatnam.

  4. A Display on Hudhud Impact on North Coastal Andhra Pradesh

    On 16th December 2014, a display of News Clippings and Photographs on the Hudhud cyclone was organized in the Botany Laboratory. The display helped students to understand the magnitude of devastation caused by the cyclone and its impact on environment.

  5. Plantation Programme

    Students and the faculty of the Dept. of Botany procured free saplings distributed by CMR Group in the city and a plantation programme was taken up by Sr. Hema, Lecturer in Botany along with a good number of student volunteers in the college campus to restore greenery which was stripped off by the Hudhud cyclone.