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SAHAY - Centre for Wholistic development

A Community Outreach Initiative of St. Joseph’s College for Women (Autonomous), Visakhapatnam started in 2013 January in response to the felt need for a Counseling Centre for young people.

A counselling centre of SAHAY, a community outreach initiative of St. Joseph’s College for Women (A), Visakhapatnam, was inaugurated on the college campus by Correspondent Rev.Sr. Alice Marie on Saturday.

Vice-Principal of Andhra Medical College N. N. Raju, a professor in the Department of Psychology, Andhra University, K. Madhu, college Principal Dr. Sr. Veronica, and correspondent of PEN School Anita Pereira attended.

As part of the inauguration, a one-day awareness workshop on ‘Cherishing children through counselling’ was conducted for the teachers of PEN School.

As many as 120 teachers attended the workshop. SAHAY coordinator Suguna Knannan explained the rationale behind the workshop and SAHAY.

Dr. Beatrice gave an illustrated lecture on academic problems and their management. This was followed by a lecture on ‘Management of behaviour and other problems in children’ by a lecturer in psychology Amulya.

The doubts of teachers on the problems they face in their day-to-day interactions with children were clarified in the interactive session that followed. Centre in-charge Sr. Dominic proposed the vote of thanks.

It is conceived as a Centre for Enhancing Personality by providing assistance to children, parents and teachers. A team of psychologists, social workers and psychiatrists will be available to clarify doubts about child rearing practices and guide with appropriate strategies according to the needs of the situation.

Services Offered

  • Assistance to teachers to –
    1. Manage behaviour problems
    2. Identify psychological needs of children
    3. Increase awareness of parents
  • Child Counselling for –
    1. Behavior problems
    2. Academic progress
    3. Life coping skills
  • Conduct of Awareness Programs/Workshops for teachers and parents
  • Counselling parents
  • Career Counselling for High school children

SAHAY is very active in organsing a number of Workshops for Teachers in Schools, Faculty of Colleges, students and others in the area of Counselling and Guidance, Career Counseling, Life Skills Management and many other areas of personal development. The Committe consists of Advisory members, Experts in Psychology, Psychiatry and Counselling and PG Student volunteers to assist in the services offered by the Initiative.

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