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Management Scholarships

The College justifies its mission statement through the financial assistance it facilitates for the young women who join the College with hopes of raising their status in life and supporting their families. A number of students have benefited from the college funding their education. The Management carefully scrutinizes the particular student in question, either when the student's parents approach them, or they take a decision to this effect with a Faculty member or someone else having brought it to their notice.

The following table illustrates the beneficiaries of this initiative.

Type of Scholarship2009-102010-112011-122012-132013-142014-152015-16
 No. of studts.Amt.No. of studts.Amt.No. of studts.Amt.No. of studts.Amt.No. of studentsAmt.No. of studentsAmt.No. of studentsAmt.
Economically weak students511,5551033,350416,8601581,715145585110783029162800
Merit prize(Best students)3420,2403826,0003937,5004039,000402000052260004630270
Student Aid1723681723641624687451,560735408590619609667520
UGC XI Plan Merged Scheme Stipend for students--2184,0005181,600----402000001155000