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Sankranthi Holidays 12-1-2019 to 20-1-2019

"A home away from home"

The Hostel is attached to St. Joseph’s College for Women (Autonomous) and is meant to accommodate students of the College whose parents reside outside City limits and are in great need of residence facilities within the college.

The Hostel is under the direct management of the College authorities.

We have accommodation for 200 students in the hostel.

Hostel Environment

  • Well-furnished Rooms
  • Study hall.
  • Dining hall.
  • Garden in the center
  • Visitors’ room/prayer room.
  • Internet cafe, stationary.
  • Equipments for recreation: Television, VCD, Tape recorder, Newspaper & Magazines.
  • Phone Facilities.

The students have recreation every day after supper they watch TV. Every third Sunday of the month they have fun recreation in the field. Common recreation and celebration of Farewel day and other major festivals offer the students an opportunity to discover and develop their talents.

Visiting Sundays 2nd & 4th Sundays of every month.They are allowed to go out for NCC, NSS, SPORTS, Competitions, Campus Selections etc.

Telephone No. : 0891 – 2710959