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Sankranthi Holidays 12-1-2019 to 20-1-2019

Value-based Soft Skills Training

In a world where careers dominate the life of every young person, the College offers a Four Semester ‘Value-based Soft Skills Training’ Course which compriseses intellectual, psychological and social competencies and skills which are so vital for success in the personal front and professional level. The feedback for these is reflected in the success of our students in every platform, be it in extramurals, academic events or the much awaited campus interviews. All of them vouch for the informal and formal skill development that happens under this umbrella.

Parent Teacher Partnership

Here the stakeholders’ parents and the college management (comprising the Principal and Staff) work out strategies to ensure that the students sustain their interest in academics, further their career interests too.

Every year PTP meet is organized for the Plus Two and the Degree students in batches. The parents of the stakeholders usually participate very actively in the discussions for the better future of their children, working out collaborative strategies and initiatives to handle the students of this generation. On the day of the meet the parents are given an awareness presentation on the various aspects and functioning of the college and what the college expects of them.

Freshers’ Day

Being the first Inaugural function of the college the Freshers’ are very excited that they can have fun and enjoy the love and talents of the Seniors. The Principal delivers her message to the students exhorting them to use the infrastructure and facilities offered by the college for their development rightly.

Valedictory Day

As all good things have to come to an end, Valedictory Day is the much awaited day for the Seniors, where their achievements are recognized and applauded by all. The meritorious awards and scholarships instituted by good Samaritans and Josephines are presented to the deserving students. The crowning moment is however when the Ms. St. Joseph is declared based on a Personality Contest which has preliminary rounds in the run up to the final day presentation.

Guest Lectures

Every department organizes a number of generic and special subject resource lectures by eminent speakers of national and international repute to motivate students to aspire for higher goals in life. These speakers challenge the dreams of the young women so that they contribute to the quality of human life in their own way.

Celebrations of Important Days

Every day is a day to celebrate as someone rightly remarked. But some days like National Days and Special days assume greater significance and these days are celebrated with festivity, gaiety, national patriotic fervour and in a fitting manner.

Independence Day, Republic Day, Quit India Day, International Women’s Day, National Integration Day, Population Day, World Consumer Day, World Literacy Day, Teacher’s Day - celebrated by the College and others specially celebrated by others.

  • World Environment day – Eco Club, NSS
  • Human Rights Day – Political Science Dept
  • NSS Day – NSS Units
  • World Population Day 11th July – NSS and Economics Department
  • AIDS Day – NSS and other departments
  • Banks Nationalisation Day 19th July - Economics
  • World Food Day 16th October – H.Sc
  • World Thrift Day, 30th October -- Economics
  • Amarthya Sen’s Birthday 3rd November – Economics
  • Kisan Divas – Farmer’s Day 23rd November - Economics
  • World Forestry Day – Economics
  • World Breast Feeding Week-August 1st -7th-Homescience
  • Nutrition Week -1-7th Sept. - Homescience
  • National AIDS Day - Homescience


"Mentoring is to support and encourage people to manage their own learning in order that they may maximise their potential, develop their skills, improve their performance and become the person they want to be." Mentoring is a powerful personal development and empowerment tool. It is an effective way of helping the students and junior staff to progress in their careers and is becoming increasing popular in the college as an institutional initiative.

Each staff member has a group of 15 – 20 students and ONE hour is set aside in the week on a particular day where the Mentor guide meets her group of mentees and gets to know them on a one-to-one basis for personal and career counseling, academic assistance and any other issues which come up in future. A record is maintained by the Mentors so that the College management can identify strategies to handle

Inter departmental Competitions

The Student Council, Departmental Associations & Clubs organizes a number of competitions in

  1. Singing (Classical, Light Classical & Light – Solo and Group)
  2. Dance (Indian & Western)
  3. Skits
  4. Elocution & Debates
  5. Just A Minute (JAM)
  6. Painting & Sketching
  7. Rangoli
  8. Ad Mad Quiz
  9. Dumb Charades

and many theme based events..........