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Latest News The College in association with U.S. Consulate General Hyderabad is organizing a Two Day workshop on "Communicative Language Teaching: Paradigm Shift In Focus And Techniques" for high school English teachers on 24th & 25th February, 2018.
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St. Joseph’s for Resourcefulness and Excellence



            St. Joseph’s College for Women, managed by the Sisters of St. Joseph of Annecy, is affiliated to Andhra University. The college was founded in July 1958 in response to the need for a Women’s College in the City.

           The College was conferred with the Autonomous Status by UGC & Andhra University in 1987. The college, therefore, has the academic freedom to frame its own curriculum and conduct the examinations for Degree courses.

            St. Joseph’s College for Women, affirming its faith in God and love for all humanity, seeks to impart wholesome education to young women, enabling and empowering them to be self-reliant and responsible members of their family and society.

            This institution of higher learning endeavours to make its own contribution in the light of its Christian world view towards a transformation of society in which the principles of justice, freedom, respect for religious and moral values shall prevail. The College seeks to achieve these aims not only in the case of Catholic and Christians but also others, while respecting their religious sentiments.

            In carrying out its aims the College as a minority institution reserves for itself its inherent and constitutionally recognized right of management and administration.

            In order to profit by their years in St. Joseph’s College, the students must have the aptitude and ability for higher studies as well as the desire to apply themselves seriously to all obligations of college life.

·         Regular attendance and punctuality is compulsory.

·         Leave should be taken only in case of real need.

·         Medical certificate should be given if the student is sick.


            Students should wear the uniform, prescribed by the College, and available at the College only. Uniform is compulsory on all working days and except Saturdays. During examinations uniform is compulsory including Saturday.

·         Cell phones are banned in college campus.

·         Parents should watch their children’s activities.

·         Students with misconduct will be debarred from the college.


            Attendance at College Examination is obligatory for all students. Only in case of serious illness and on production of a Medical Certificate will a student be exempted from any College Examinations.



Two-year Intermediate Courses:

Part I : English

Part II : Telugu or Hindi or French

Part III : One of the following combinations:


1. Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry                           English Medium

2. Botany, Zoology, Physics, Chemistry                                “

3. Mathematics, Economics, Commerce                             “

4. History, Economics, Civics                                        Telugu Medium


            As an Autonomous College, St.Joseph’s College follows the semester pattern requiring Six Semesters of study for the Bachelor’s Degree – each semester, is of 18 weeks duration approximately. Courses are divided into Foundation, core and Elective Courses.

            Foundation Courses and Core Courses are obligatory for all students, Elective Courses are those which a student can choose from among several courses offered by a Department. Some of these Courses can be taken by any student of the College irrespective of the faculty to which she belongs.

            Course in Value Education and Sports or NCC or NSS are part of the requirement for the Undergraduate Degree.


Three year Degree Courses: B.A, B.Com, B.B.A, B.Sc. & B.Sc. Home Science

            The following Courses are offered to Degree students during the Six semesters:

Part I (For Four Semesters)

I.  Language Course :   a) General English

                                         b) Telugu /   Hindi /  French / Sanskrit

II. General Education:

A.  Compulsory for all Degree students:

1.      Contemporary India

2.      Computer skills / computer literacy

3.      Human Ecology

5.      Science, Technology and Development

                  B.  Interdisciplinary Electives:

                            1. Gender Development                                                                                                  

                            2 .International Politics                                                                  

                            3. Consumer Education                                                                                         

                            4.  Business English                                                                        

                            5. Communicative Grammar of  English                                

                            6. Chemistry for the Consumer                                                 

                            7.  Science for better living                                                         

                            8.  Horticulture                                                                                   

                            9.  Nursery Management                                                               

                            10.  Human Genetics                                                                   

                            11.  Life Skills Management

                            12.  Science Communication  

                                     13.  Commerce & Accountancy

                            14.  Functional Mathematics      

                                     15.  Household Chemistry

                            16.  Chemistry for Everyone

                            17.  Human Health Care

                            18.  General Home Science

                                     19. Threard Craft  

                                     20.  Nutrition for better living

                            21.  Embroidery

                            C.  Career Electives

                                    1.  Career& Employment Training

                                    2.  Basic Research Methodology

                                    3.  Executive Secretarial Practice

                                    4.  Advanced Creative Crafts

                                    5.  Electronic Commerce


PART II (For Six Semesters)

III. Core Courses :  These Courses are arranged as three major subjects to be offered as B.A., B.Com., B.Sc., & B.Sc. Home Science.

                                    COMBINATIONS                                   MEDIUM

B.A.     : English Language & Literature,                                      English

              Psychology, Office Management

             : English Language & Literature, Psychology,               English       

                and Journalism & Mass Communication                    

            : History, Economics, Politics                                            Telugu

            : Economics, Eng.Lang. & Literature, Politics                English

            : Economics, Commerce, Mgt.Studies                              English


B.Sc    : Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry                                  English           

             : Mathematics, Physics, Computer Science                   English

            : Mathematics, Economics, Compute Science               English

            : Mathematics, Statistics, Computer Science                 English

            : Chemistry, Botany, Zoology                                            English

        *  : Bio-Technology, Bio-Chemistry, Chemistry                 English

B.Sc.  * : Home Science with Computer Application                 English

B.Com.*: Computers (Vocational)                                                 English

B.B.M.  : Bachelor of Business Management                               English

              * On the Job Training is Compulsory

Certificate Courses, UGC - Add on Courses in Communication Skills, copy Writing and Editing, Baking  & Confectionary, Travel and Tourism Management and Event Management are offered by various Departments to all the Students. ( The fees for these courses will vary).

Two year P.G. Courses:

             a.      M.A. English                                             b. M.Sc. Home Science

 c.      M.Sc. Mathematics                                  d. M.Sc. Organic Chemistry


  • Cell Phones are banned in college campus,
  • Students with misconduct will be debarred from the college.


  • LIMITED Hostel accommodation is available for students whose parents live outside Visakhapatnam.
  • Separate Prospectus and Application Forms are available from the College office.
  • Admission to the Hostel is made through the Principal in consultation with the Warden.
  • Students should follow the hostel rules. Those not obeying the rules may have to leave the hostel.
  • Parents should co-operate with the management in maintaining discipline in hostel & college.
  • Married persons are not admitted to the Hostel.




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