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IQAC Composition


Internal Quality Assurance Cell (IQAC)

The IQAC makes a concerted effort to review and sustain the quality standards of the College in every aspect of functioning - Curricular, Teaching Learning and Evaluation, Infrastructure, Student Support, Research, Consultancy and Extension, Governance, Leadership and Innovative Practices, guided by the QAC (Quality Advisory Committee).

  • The National assessment and Accreditation Council advocated the establishment of Internal Quality assurance Cell (IQAC) by all the accredited institutions as a post accreditation quality sustenance activity and IQAC was constituted accordingly in 2003.
  • The members of IQAC meet every month to review, discuss and plan for quality sustenance and enhancement in academics as well as administration.
  • The IQAC
  • Coordinates the conduct of orientation/induction program for new entrants - students and Faculty.
  • Monitors student support and welfare measures in the college campus.
  • Conducts an annual evaluation/academic audit with the help of the Senior Faculty.
  • Reviews examination results semester wise and works out strategies to improve student performance

The IQAC plans and decentralizes the various academic and administrative functions/activities of the college. It delegates powers to the various departments on rotation basis to manage the following aspects:

  1. Parent Teacher Partnership
  2. Student Discipline & Attendance
  3. Personal Empowerment/Mentoring
  4. Student Placement & Welfare
  5. Add on/Certificate/Diploma Courses
  6. Student activities
  7. Faculty recharging programs