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Latest News New academic year begins for the freshers (I Intermediate and I Degree) on 14-06-2018 at 8.45 a.m.
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The Library has a collection of 29336 Books and 39 Journals and 34 Magazines. 693 books were bought during the academic year (2014-15). E - Resources, Which Include E-Journals, E- Books and Bibliographic Database are available through N- List ( National Library and Information Services Infrastructure for Scholarly Content ), of INFLIBNET Centre. 2699 Back volumes of journals provided.   362 CD’s are there. User orientation and information literacy programmes are given regarding the library activities and services. Library automation is done through (SOUL- Software for University Libraries). Bar Coding of books is under Process.


The Reading and Reference Section is Air Conditioned with 5 Air Conditioners.  The Reference Section Includes Encyclopedias, Year Books Dictionaries, Career &Competitive Oriented Books and Subject Wise Reference Books. There are 4 Computers in Reading Section one System for Data Entry, 1 for circulation and the Other 2 Systems for OPAC. There is one printer and Bar Code Machine Provided.  There are 10 computers for internet access.

Services Offered:

Ø  User orientations conducted for first degree, first inter and first year P.G. students

Ø  Information literacy programs conducted on N LIST

Ø  Display of Book Covers of New Books

Ø  Display of current affairs/facts and general knowledge

Ø  Display of important articles on notice board

Ø  Library is automated with SOUL software and OPAC service provided

Ø  Display of notifications

Ø  Question Bank contains old question papers

Ø  Career and competitive examinations books provided

Ø  Reading & Reference Service

Ø  Circulation Service (Issue & Return)

Ø  Display of User Statistics of visitors and also issue of books

Ø  Reprographic Service

Ø  Internet Service

Ø  Book exhibition on 5th and 6th of world environment day and on 26th &27thinternational tourism

Ø  11 Closed Circuit Cameras provided for watching

Ø  5-6-2014 Book Exhibition World Environment Day

Ø  Our college has been selected as top 10 users of e resources of N list of INFLIBNET

Ø  A guest lecture was given on online learning resources to final year students of MPC,
     MEComp & MPComp

Ø  26th &27th Book Exhibition World Tourism Day

Ø  Essay Writing Competition “Library as Knowledge/Information Resource Center”, on 19/11/2014.

    The best three were given prizes.


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