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Choice based Interdisciplinary electivesand career electives are part of General Education. Choice based core electives are also offered by some Departments. Interdisciplinary Electives are those, which a student can choose from among several such courses offered by various Departments.

Interdisciplinary Electives:

(Any one to be selected by the student)

 (i)  Gender Studies                                    (xi)    Chemistry for everyone

(ii)  Consumer Education                           (xii)    Chemistry for the Consumer 

(iii) International Politics                           (xiii)   Science for Better living

(iv)  Business English                                 (xiv)    Horticulture          

(v)   Communicative grammar of English    (xv)    Nursery Management.

(vi)  Life Skills Management                       (xvi)    Human Genetics

(vii) Science Communication                    (xvii)    Human Health care

(viii) Commerce & Accountancy               (xviii)   General Home Science

(ix)  Functional Mathematics                    (xix)     Thread Craft

(x)   Household Chemistry                         (xx)     Nutrition for Better living                                                                                                                 

  Career Electives:(to be opted in the Final Year)

     (i)   Career & Employment Training

     (ii)   Research Methodology

     (iii)  Executive Secretarial Practice

     (iv)  Advanced Creative Crafts

     (v)   Electronic Commerce


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