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Examination Rules

1. Students are required to attend all the Accessory assessment, Mid Semester and End Semester Examinations conducted by the college. Wearing uniform and Photo identity cards are compulsory during Examination days including Saturdays.

2. In case a student is unable to attend the examination, application of leave (accompanied by medical certificate where necessary) should be submitted to the Principal of the college.

3. Mid semester examsare conducted once a semester in July / August and December / January every year. These provide the students with    an opportunity to review their academic performance and so are referred to as Formative Assessment.

       End semester examinationsor Summative Assessment is for the purpose of evaluating the overall academic performance of the students   during the semester. These are conducted on October (for semester I, III,V) and March (for semester II,IV.VI) every year.

4.  Complete transparency regarding the answer scripts is available for Mid Semester Examination or Internal Assessment test, where every student verifies her answer scripts and clarifies doubts if any regarding the evaluation.

5. Students should pay the prescribed examination fees and obtain a hall ticket in order to be eligible to appear for the End Semester and Supplementary Examination of the college. No student will be admitted into the examination hall without a hall ticket. There is no fee for Mid Semester Examinations.

6.  Mid Semester or Internal Assessment has no pass minimum, but End Semester Examination has a pass minimum of 35%. A student should, however secure 35% in Mid Semester and End Semester examinations combined, to pass in both theory and practical.

7. Mid Semester Exam and Accessory assessment will not be repeated if a student is absent

8.  The student shall appear for the Supplementary Exam on the whole syllabus in the E.S.E. model if she

F   is absent for Mid Semester Exam.

F   is absent for End Semester Exam.

F   fails to secure pass minimum in End Semester Exam.

F   fails to secure the pass minimum of 35% (in Mid Semester Exam + End Semester Exam) even though she has secured pass minimum in End Semester Examination.

9.  Marks List of the examinations will be issued to the students within a month after every Semester End examination. At the end of sixth semester a Cumulative Marks List endorsed by Andhra University, will be issued along with Provisional Degree Certificate.

10. The Final degree is awarded by the University, but issued by the college after receiving it from the University.

11. Instant Exam will be held for students who fail in ONLY TWO Papers  of the Final Semester

12. Students will be awarded class as per the following criteria :

                                        60% and above     -   I Class

          Aggregate            50 - <60%             -   II Class

                                        35 - <50%               -  III Class

   13.   If a student  reappears for any exam an asterisk (*) will be placed against her marks to denote that she is a supplementary student. The student will however be assigned a class even though she may be a supplementary candidate.

   14. With effect from 2007 – 2008, as per Andhra University Regulations for Autonomous Colleges the credit system is followed. According to this a student should obtain a minimum of 120 credits for Academic performance and up to 7 extra credits for non-academic achievements like Attendance(2)Value Education(2), NCC / NSS / Sports / Yoga / Martial Arts / Music(2) and 1 credit for outstanding achievement at State or National Level.



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