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Fusion BASE (Fusion of BA Stream in English) - a great platform for

The Association comprising students of English Literature, Psychology, Office Management and Journalism & Mass Communication inculcates values of empathy towards others, language development, organizing and leadership skills as also self presentation skills.The Association owes its name to the varied group of students who are members of Fusion BASE. Started in 2006, the Association is vibrantly active organising talent display competions, art competitions and many innovative events which tap the latent potential for art, music and dance among the Josephines of the BA English Medium Departments.


Students participate in overwhelming numbers in the following events :

  • General Quiz
  • Pictionary
  • Talent Display
  • Dumb Charade
  • Earth week
  • Colours of Earth
  • Quiz on Nature & Environment.
  • Thoughts on Nature
  • Essay Writing
  • Class-wise Thematic Representation of nature
  • Songs Competition (Individual and Group)
  • Sing along
  • Dumb Charades
  • Hair do
  • Nail Art
  • Mehendi
  • Leadership training

The Executive Body organizes many innovative events and competitions to tap the potential talent among the students.

FUSION - The Wall Journal The Association maintains a Creative Wall Journal to encourage latent artistic and literary abilities in the form of expression, and assist in their overall personality development.

BA Fusion Freshers Day activity was conducted on 12/07/2014 for all the first year BA student. Ten students participated in the activity.

  1. Chinese Whispers activity was held on 09/08/2014 for all the BA students. It was a group activity and thirteen groups participated in the activity.
  2. Onam Flower Carpet activity was held on 04/09/2014 for the students of all the groups (whole college). It wa a group activity and five groups participated in the activity.
  3. Cooking Competition was held on 20/11/2014 for all the BA students. It was a group activity and seven groups participated in the activity.
  4. Card Making activity was held on 13/2/2015 for all the BA students. It was an individual activity and seven members participated in the activity.
The office bearers for the year 2015-16
Rosalyn Ranjana Fernando-President
Hannah Poornima Irani-Vice President
Ruth Priya Irani-Treasurer
Christy Rose Babu-Secretary

The Staff Advisors for the year 2015-16 are :

Ms. Ramani Dhanaraj - BA Council Head also Head of Office Management Department

Mrs. Sahitya Vasudevan - Head of Journalism Department

Mrs. Prameela Rani – English Department

The Fusion Base comes up with an activity every month. Development of Literary skills and communication skills, enhancement of persona, building confidence and providing variety of thought are primarily focused upon in these activities. But before the series of activities are conducted, the Fusion Base office bearers and the staff advisors have an introduction cum team building session with the freshers.

The activities that have been conducted so far in the 2015-16 curriculum are :


J.A.M., which is Just A Minute, is a competition in which the students are asked to speak on a random topic given by the Base in a minute. This was conducted to help relieve fear of public speaking and to test the presentation skills of the students. The participants were marked on the basis of their summarizing skills and stage presence.

The winners of the competition were
First Prize-Sneha ( 1st BA EPJ)
Second Prize-Sunishtha ( 2nd BA EPJ)
Third Prize-Anagha ( 1st BA EPO)


Creative Crafts - Greeting Cards Competition

This competition was held keeping in mind the artistic abilities that many possess but get no chance to showcase. Marks were scored based on creativity and innovation. The participants were in pairs.

The winners of this competition were
First Prize-Kiranmai and Shruti (2nd year EPO, EPJ )
Second Prize-Mounica and Shivani (2nd year EPO,EPJ)
Third Prize-Mounica (2nd year EPJ)


Refreshing Activity

This activity was an engaging and entertaining activity that was conducted to welcome the new lot of BA’s into the Fusion Base. Dance and song performances were given by students and lecturers respectively. Games were conducted for the first years with captivating music played in the background. An overall enthralling experience to make the senior junior relationships more empowered was the purpose of this activity where there was no competition but a pure learning experience sprinkled with lots of fun.

The final winner of the game was Jaya Bharathi of 1st BA EPO.


Movie Clip Competition - A group competition conducted on the 20/08/2015 which had a total of 18 groups from all the three years.

Winner's are Sunishta's Group and Radha Priyanka's Group. Runner up Itishee's Group


Teacher's Day Celebrations and Activities - This program was conducted by the the office bearers along with the help of the students of three years on the 08/09/2015.This was followed by distribution of Sugarcubes to the teachers written by the students on 09/09/2015.This was followed by surprise Remix Song sung by the third years for the all the lecturers of the B.A. department on 10/09/2015. This was followed by distribution of Chocolates with notes corresponding to each of the lecturers it was given to, conducted on the 11/09/2015.


Ethnic Day Celebrations - A program and activities conducted for the lecturers and the students of all the three years on 12/09/2015.

Winner - Swati Datla(II EPJ), Runner - Radha Priyanka(III EPO)


Hairstyles and Makeup Competition - A styling competition conducted on the 24/11/2015 in which 6 pairs participated.


Singing Competition - A solo and group competition conducted on the 02/12/2015 for all the three years which included 10, 6 and 4 participants from third, second and first years respectively.


Christmas Friend Celebrations - An activity conducted to celebrate the Joy of Christmas on the 12/12/2015 for all the three years.


B.A. Fusion Farewell - Farewell organized by the second years and first years with the supervision of the staff advisors for the third years on 28/02/2016.


Valentine's Day Dance Activity - A solo and group dance activity conducted on 13/02/2016 for all the three years. 'Love Yourself' bookmarks were distributed to the lecturers and students of the three years to remember Love is for all also themselves most importantly.

Council Election - Elections were held on the 19/02/2016 for choosing new office bearers for the next year in the presence of all the three staff advisors and students.

The Staff Advisors for the year 2016-17
Ms. Ramani Dhanaraj-BA Council Head also Head of Office Management Department
Mrs. K. Prameela Rani-English Department
Ms. Shanice Ranade-English Department