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Analytical Science Association (ASA)

The Association comprising Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry and Computer Science Departments instills leadership values.

The association organizes many co-curricular and extra mural events during the year.

The ASA organizes interesting co-curricular events to celebrate commemorative events e.g. the International Year of Chemistry with events for students, Faculty and Non teaching and Ministerial staff. 

The Association invites eminent speakers in Environment Management, Solid Waster Management, Applied areas of Mathematics and specialised areas like Nano Physics to keep the students and Faculty updates on latest trends in Analytical Sciences.




Staff Advisors(2014-2015)

Ms. P.Krishna Kumari (Department of Mathematics)

Dr. G.Durga (Department of Chemistry)                                                               

Ms. K.Sirisha (Department of Physics)                                                                     

Student Advisors



Joint Secretary:





Competitions and Activities Conducted

  • Mathematics Written Quiz (Open For All)      Dated: 4 September 2014

  • Name of the Mathematician (Open For All)

            Dated: 15 September 2014

  • Number Puzzle (Open For All)

           Dated: 15 September 2014

  • Mathematics Written Quiz (For Maths Students only)

            Know Your Mathematics-Mathematricks

           Dated: 7 January 2015

  • Verbal Mathematics Quiz (Team Competition)

           8 Teams participated, 4 Members each

           Dated: 9 January 2015

  • Solo Singing Competition (Open for All)

          Jury: P Krishna Kumari (Dept. of Mathematics)

           Dated: 27 January 2015

  • Mathematics Written Quiz (For Teachers)

          Know Your Mathematics-Mathematricks

          Dated: 28 January 2015

  • Poster Presentation (Open for All)

         Jury: P Krishna Kumari (Dept. of Mathematics)

         Dr. K.Radha Krishna (Dept. of Physics)

         Dr. K Devendra Vijaya (Dept. of Chemistry)

         Ms. Manju Pathania (Dept. of Computer Science)

         Dated: 30 January 2015

  •  Logical Reasoning Competition (Open for All)

          Dated: 16 February 2015



  • Topic: Online Learning Resources

            Dated: 3 September 2014

            Details: Dr. Y Fatima Rani 

             Lecturer in Library Sciences      

              St. Joseph’s College for Women (A)

              Visakhapatnam - 530004     

  • Topic: Career as Armed Force Commissioned Officer

          Dated: 1 December 2014

           Details: -Comd. Alok Kumar


                Coast Guard Headquarters

                Malkapuram, Visakhapatnam

              -Defence Court Marshal

                Ujjwal Kumar Ghatak

                Social Activist and Military Advocate


  • Topic: Career Opportunities in Mathematics

           Dated: 17 December 2014

            Details: Prof. V Uma Maheswara Rao

              Department of Applied Mathematics      

              Andhra University, Visakhapatnam



Competitions and Activities Conducted

  • Electronic General Quiz (Open for All)

33 Teams participated, 3 Members each

Dated: 28 August 2014

  • Snap-a-Shot Photography Competition (Open for All)

Theme: Clean and Safe City

14 entries

Dated: 21 January 2015

  • Paper Presentation Competition (For II MPC and MPCSc. Students)

Topic: Physics in Everyday Life

Dated: 10 February 2015



An exhibition for school children of St. Joseph’s was conducted by the Dept. of Physics (St. Joseph’s college, Visakhapatnam) on 4 September 2014 on the theme “Experimental Physics” which was attended by 240 students.



Competitions and Activities

  • Quiz on Photochemistry and Phase Rule

5 Teams Participated

Dated: 15 July 2014

  • Participated in a 2-day National Chemistry Fest

CHEM COGNIZANCE 2014 hosted by Andhra Loyola College (Autonomous)

Dated: 11 December 2014

  • 3 MPC students from St. Joseph’s College Visakhapatnam won 1st prize in Group Discussion on “Green Techniques in Environmental Chemistry”.

  • 1st prize in Laboratory Skills Rapid Titrations

  • 2nd prize in Laboratory Skills Organic Analysis

  • Students also participated in “Role of Chemistry in Ayurveda” paper presentation.

  • “INSPIRE” Dept. of Science and Technology India camp conducted by Andhra University during 22-26 December 2014 was attended by 29 students of St. Joseph’s College,Visakhapatnam, the largest contingency ever.

Eligibility: CGPA of 9.2 and above.



  • Topic: Importance of Chemistry in Everyday Life

           Dated: 22 November 2014

Details: Dr. Sabitha Nair

              Post-Doctoral Fellow

              NIMHAS Bangalore

            Target: PG Life Science Courses and Final Year BBC     and CBZ students.

  • Topic: Microbial Resistance Antibiotic Susceptibility

             Dated: 16 December 2014

            Details: Dr. P Lakshmi

              Asst. Professor

              Dept. of Microbiology

              Andhra University,Visakhapatnam

Target: Final Year Degree Students.

  • Topic: Need to ban Nuclear Weapons

           Dated: 30 January 2015

            Details: Mr. J Narayana Rao


              Global Networks against Nuclear Weapons


           Target: Final Year Degree Students.

  • Topic: Aromaticity

            Dated: 20 February 2015

            Details: Dr. S Paul Douglas

              Asst. Professor

              Engineering Chemistry

              Andhra University,Visakhapatnam

             Target: I Year Degree MPC, BBC, CBZ students.






  • Topic: Big Data

            Dated: 5 December 2014

             Details: Sri T Gangadhar

              Hadoop Mobile Apps

             Target: II and III Degree Computer Science students.


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