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Latest News New academic year begins for the freshers (I Intermediate and I Degree) on 14-06-2018 at 8.45 a.m.
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(St. Joseph’s Alumnae Association Towards Harmony) 

The Alumnae Association, SAATH (an Unregistered body) is a networking platform of old students. 

The activities of the Association are:

§  To organize Alumnae reunions when feasible.

§  To encourage Alumnae to involve themselves in many areas of college development

§  To motivate them to contribute for infrastructural development of the college.

§  To attempt resource mobilization with the aim of building up a corpus fund for the college. 

       Some of the significant contributions are as follows –

Instituted scholarships –

                                                o      Sr.St.Andre’s Scholarship

o      Mr. Dhanaraj Memorial Scholarship

o      Sri.M.S.B Sastry Scholarship

o      Mrs. Hyang Mi Lim – Scholarship

o      ‘Mr. Leslie Augustine’ Scholarship

Instituted Awards

-       Sr. St. Andre Award (Ms. Ramani Dhanaraj)

-       Smt. Loga Kannan Memorial Award (Mr. Sudesh Kannan)

-       Dr. A.Vijayalakshmi Memorial Award (2) (Home Science Faculty)

-       ‘Dr. Mancham Botta Srinivasa Rao’ Memorial Scholarship (Mrs. C. Subbalakshmi)

-       ‘Smt. Akella Venkata Annapurna’ Scholarship Cash Donations (Dr. Ch. Annapurna)

-       ‘Mr.Leslie Augustine’ Scholarship

-       Mr. K.N. Nair Prize

  • Utilization of Sills, talents and expertise in various fields to train students,  faculty and in Academic Forums.
  • Assisting in several  of the College Community Outreach Initiatives
  • Donated Public Address system to the College.
  • Facilitate everyday functional transaction by providing intermediary services
  • Act as brand ambassadors of the college by their professionalism and humaneness
  • Mentors to the Management and the Faculty by providing road maps and directions for developing the College.
  • Magnanimous contributions poured in when a non-teaching staff had a medical emergency
  • Nominal Cash donations.

"To give without any reward or notice has a special quality of its own"

                                                                                        ~Anne Morrow Lindeburgh

The College needs the support of its Alumnae Josephines to nurture its growth relevant to the needs of the society. There must be a person within each Josephine who says 'Every drop in the ocean counts'....let me do my bit.

If there is anything you can do as a Josephine Contact the President of SAATH, Ms. Sita Devi or Ms. Managaveni or Sr. Mary KC. 



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