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Latest News New academic year begins for the freshers (I Intermediate and I Degree) on 14-06-2018 at 8.45 a.m.
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Importance of Economics Education

Economics provides a framework to analyze interactions between humans and organizations. This framework helps to forecast economic conditions, design and implement policies, develop corporate strategies, and guide investment decisions. An economics degree is highly valued in the public and private sectors both in India and abroad, as a specialist qualification or a body of knowledge that complements other qualifications.
The goal of economic education goes far beyond improving the understanding of the basic principles of supply and demand and the workings of nation's economy. Economics is the study of how people make sound choices. By studying how markets work, young people also learn how to make efficient choices in managing their own scarce resources, such as time and money. They also learn decision- and choice-making that can be applied to all aspects of their lives. These same skills are necessary to make informed choices as citizens—to decide which public policies to support and which to oppose.

Economics, when combined with other fields, is highly valued by the business world and many types of employers. It is well-suited, as a discipline, to complement many other fields of study, including environmental science, finance, accounting, history, psychology, philosophy, politics and mathematics.   As participants in a global economy, the young people of 21st century face a plethora of possibilities that earlier generations could only dream about. By offering Economics in combination with a variety of subjects the College hopes to equip the students with tools, which they need, to make the best choices from among seemingly infinite possibilities.

The Department of Economics offers Economics at  the Intermediate and Degree levels.

Undergraduate Course :

Recognizing the importance of Economics as a field of study it is offered in four  combination with other subjects -

  • B.A          Economics - History - Politics *

                         Economics - English Language & Literature - Psychology

                         Economics - Commerce - Management

  • B.Sc        Economics - Mathematics - Computers

         * This combination is offered in Telugu medium

The papers that are offered for these various combinations are tabulated here.


B.A - HEcPol



       B.Sc- Maths Ec Cs


Micro Economics

Micro Economics

(Mathematical Tools)

 Micro Economics

(Mathematical Applications)


Macro Economics

Macro Economics

(Mathematical Applications)


Indian Economy I


Indian Economy II


1.Monetary Economics

2. International Economics

1.Financial Literacy

 2.Statistical Methods   For Economics


1.Public Economics

2.Economic Statistics

1.Public Economics

2.Research Methodology In  Economics

‘Statistics’ & ‘International Economics’ are the unique components of the syllabus not included in the common core syllabus of Andhra Univeristy.

Inter Disciplinary Elective - Consumer Education

Teaching methods adopted by the faculty for different programmes.

  Interactive Lectures, Spot Questions, Problem Solving, Survey Research, Case Studies, Media enabled  

  Teaching techniques.

Achievements of Faculty


Dr. P. Jayalakshmi

    Papers presented in Academic Forums (4)

1.      ‘Role of Gender Budgeting in Empowerment of Women’, National Seminar on ‘Current Issues of India’ organized by the Department of Economics & Rural Development of Dr. B.R. Ambedkar University, Etcherla, Srikakulam, 20 Dec 2008

2.       ‘Women Empowerment during six Decades of independent India’, National Seminar on “Women Empowerment during six Decades of Independent India”, DNR P.G. Center, Bhimavaram, 21 December 2010,

3.      ‘Role of Teacher in Autonomous College’, National Seminar on “Quality in Higher Education: From Assurance to Enhancement” on Feb 2nd & 3rd, 2010; Sponsored by UGC, organized by Stella Maris College (A), Chennai.

4.      ‘SEZS – Engines of Export Promotion of the Economy’ National Seminar on “SEZS – Engines of Export Promotion of the Economy”, Visakha Govt. Women’s College, Visakhapatnam, 6 - 7 Aug.  2011

      Paper publication

5.      “Socio- Economic Aspects and  Constraints of Women’s experiences – A case study on Visakhapatnam District” – National Conference on Empowerment of women through Leadership and Entrepreneurship on 24th Oct 2011 organized by AMS School of Informatics. ( ISO 9001: 2008 CERTIFIED) in association with NABARD

6.      ‘Quality parameters in higher education’, Two day UGC sponsored National Conference on ‘Twenty five years of Autonomy: Experiences, Reality and Vision’, St. Joseph’s College for Women (Autonomous) Visakhapatnam, 1  & 2 February, 2013 Paper published in ISBN 97881 90985

 Participation  in External Academic Forum (4)

1.      National Seminar on “Autonomy and Accountability in Higher Education in India: Global Perspectives,” Department of Economics, Andhra University, 11 & 15 Feb, 2009

2.      National Seminar on “Empowerment of Women through Leadership Entrepreneurship”, ASSOMI, Hyderabad, 24th Oct.  ‘11

3.      UGC National Seminar on “Grameena Chetana” Govt. P.G. College, Visakhapatnam, May 2012

4.      National Seminar on ‘Forest Resilience, Bio diversity and Climate Change’, Environmental Department, Andhra University, 24 & 25 November 2012

Participation in Internal Academic Forum (4)

1.      UGC Regional Conference on “Women in Science”, St. Joseph’s College for Women (Autonomous), Visakhapatnam, 1st August 2008.

2.      UGC-National Workshop on “Sustainable Development: Rethinking Environmental Initiatives”, St. Joseph’s College for Women (Autonomous), 1st and 2nd September 2008

3.      Five day Gender Sensitization ‘SAM (Sensitivity Awareness Motivation) workshop’ for Capacity Building of Women Managers in Higher Education,  St. Joseph’s College for Women (Autonomous),  23rd to 27th  Nov 2010  

4.      Two day Workshop on Institutional Development ‘Forging a New Future through Appreciative Enquiry’, St. Joseph’s College for Women (Autonomous) Visakhapatnam, 11 & 12 October 2012.

      Ms. Ramanilatha

1.      UGC sponsored Regional Workshop on “Empowering Fresh Faculty of Higher Education to gain efficiency’, St. Joseph’s College for Women (Autonomous) Visakhapatnam, 25th August 2012.

2.      Two day Workshop on Institutional Development ‘Forging a New Future through Appreciative Enquiry’, St. Joseph’s College for Women (Autonomous) Visakhapatnam, 11 & 12 October 2012.

3.      Two day UGC sponsored National Conference on ‘Twenty five years of Autonomy: Experiences, Reality and Vision’, St. Joseph’s College for Women (Autonomous) Visakhapatnam, 1st  & 2nd February, 2013




A Research Study

Research Study


  Head of the Department -

Dr. P. Jayalakshmi.M.A., M.B.A., M.Phil., Ph.D.

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