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Latest News II, IV, and VI Semester begins on 6th November 2017
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The Department of Computer Science was started in 1990. Our modern world would be inconceivable without Computer science. From Engineering to Business Management, Medicine to Biology, and language processing through to Psychology, Sociology and Archaeology – all the sciences today need Computer science for the evaluation of their data. At the same time the science of processing information by means of computer programs provides the basis for the internet and mobile telephony, for airlines and financial transactions, for DVD players, televisions and cars that work – in short: for a functioning world. This creates a strong practical relevance, which is exactly what makes the subject so exciting and is opening up ever more employment opportunities for computer scientists. Computer Science, therefore, is a foward-looking discipline that offers excellent prospects for graduates. Computer Science is equally suited to both men and women - and women are urgently needed be become involved in the development of technologies and applications. Anyone that has practiced, and enjoyed, abstract thinking - for instance in Mathematics or Physics lessons - will certainly enjoy Computer Science too. After all, Computer Science is not about mere programming, but always about the practical implementation of solutions that have been developed with the help of computers.

In this College every learner, be it a student or staff or faculty member, passes through  the Computer Science Department.

Undergraduate Course :

The Department offers Computer Science as an optional Core subject for the Degree Course in the following  combinations

           A.   Computer Science with Mathematics & Physics                    


              B.   Computer Science with Mathematics &    Economics    


              C.   Computers in B.Com (Vocational)




Core Courses

Semester C.Sc for Courses A & B C.Sc for Courses C
I Comp. Fund. & Prog. with ‘C’ Basics of Information Technology – I
II Advanced C & UNIX Basics of Information Technology – II
III Object Oriented Prog. With JAVA Structure Programming Through C
IV Data Structure using JAVA Data Base Management System

Data Base Management System

 Web Technologies

Web Designing & Web.Desgn. Pr.



 Software Engineering

Core Elective -

Comp. Networks / Operating Sys.

Accounting Software Applications

Accounting Software Applications





















Interdisciplinary courses

 a.      For all students except the above – Computer Literacy  


       b.      For all the computer students - Computer Skills


 Participation of the department in the courses offered by other departments:

a.      B.A. EPO/J  -   Computer Appln. in Office Management I & II

b.      B.A. H.E.P   -   Computer Appln. in Social Sciences I & II

c.       B.Sc. H.Sc.  -    Computer Appln. in Homescience I & II

Departmental Activities :

         Ø  On July 19th a guest lecture was organized by the department on 'Current IT trends and
              Technologies' by Mr. Sandeep NIIT of Vizag.

         Ø  On November 10th a guest lecture was organized by the department on 'Exposure to new IT   
              Technologies' by Mr. V. Sri Kiran  Aptech and GIT Solutions of Vizag.

         Ø  The department organized a workshop from 2nd Jan 2012 to 5th Jan 2012 to all final year
              students on Power point Presentations.

         Ø  Department organized Chart and Poster making competition for final year BSc students in the
              month of November 2013.

         Ø  Quiz was organized for all the computer students in the month of December 2013.

         Ø  The department of Computer Science conducted a General Quiz on 25th January 2014.

         Ø  On 28th January 2014 the department conducted a Rubik Cube Competition for the lecturers of
              the college.

         Ø  In the Year 2013-2014 34 Major projects were submitted by the students.

         Ø  On November 14th a guest lecture was organized by the department on 'HADOOP' and 'BIG DATA'
              by Mr.T. Gangadhar  Aptech and GIT Solutions of Vizag.

         Ø  In Wipro placement Eight Final year Mpcompuer students got selected which was held in the
              month of December 2014.

         Ø  15 final year computer students were slected in INFOSYS campus drive held in the month of
             January 2015.

         Ø  Two students got selected in Tech Mahindra interview which was held in the month of March

         Ø   In the Year 2014-2015 29 Major projects were submitted by the students.

         Ø  The department has conducted a C QUIZ for all second and Final year computer students on
               August 27th 2015. The winners of the quiz were:

                                          I Prize        :   Preethi Mohanty III MECOMP

                                          II Prize       :   Neha II MECOMP

                                          III Prize     :   Shruthi III MECOMP      

  Head of the Department

  Ms.V.Ramya. MCA 


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